Joji Kichirou

Delinquent kendo student haunted by spirits


Kichirou was once a meek child but as he got into high school, spirits from the past began to haunt him. These spirits caused many pranks, often at the expense of getting Kichirou into trouble. This kind of mischief made other students in the school believe that Kichirou is a delinquent child. Frustrated after many failed attempts of clearing his name, Kichirou decided he might as well “go with the flow” and live up to the label placed on him.

Kichirou has gotten into many fights with other delinquents at school, either to defend himself or for (surprisingly) altruistic deeds. His reputation has gotten him to be feared by many at school. In order to divert his hostilities, his father enrolled Kichirou in Kendo lessons, which Kichirou has excelled beyond most expectations by his teacher.

Kichirou has attempted to find ways to rid the spirits, but to no avail. Little does Kichirou know is that his fate is going to lead him into far more trouble than he has anticipated…

Joji Kichirou

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